12 months prior to departure: Do your research. Check the pages on this website for resource and/or attend one of our presentations or webinar.

8-12 months prior: Contact Romantic Planet Vacations at 1-866-247-8123 or online. We will work with you to help narrow down your search to the perfect resort and destination to suit your interests, budget and dates.

8-10 months prior: We will commence the negotiating phase of getting you the best rate for the selected resort(s) and dates. This process usually takes 4-7 days per quote request.

8-10 months prior: We will present you with the lowest discounted rate for each selected package. Rates are only valid for seven days.

8-10 months prior: Booking is made easy. To book, we will require a $150 – $250 deposit per person, minimum 10 deposits for the discounted group rate. TIP: 10 deposits will only hold space and rates for 10 seats. Therefore it is advisable to place the number of deposits for all of the most important people attending your wedding to avoid disappointment of rate increases or no availability in the future. Most bride/grooms put down about 20 deposits themselves and we reimburse them once the guests’ deposits are received. Additional guests can continue to book based on availability.

8-10 months prior: We will also request to book your wedding date and time. You will be asked to submit your top three date/time preferences. Once confirmed, you will be put in direct contact with the onsite wedding coordinator for further ceremony and reception planning.

5-10 months prior: Most guests will be adding to your group booking. We will update you regularly on the new additions.

5-10 months prior: The legal wedding requirements are listed on our web-site. It is your responsibility to fullfill these requirements but we can assist where possible.

5-6 months prior: Most charter flight schedules become available at this time.

45 days prior to departure: Most final payments are required at this time unless you have booked with an Early Booking Bonus (EBB) which may require final payments at an earlier date. We will remind all passengers in advance that final payments are due and will collect them.

2-3 weeks prior: Travel documents will be released to all guests.

1 week prior: We will contact the hotel and make a special request for complimentary room upgrade for the bride and groom & ensure the accuracy of booking for all who have booked.

24-hours prior: It is your responsibility to recheck flight times with the airline.

Date of departure: It is recommended to be at the airport 3 hours prior to departure. Travel and Enjoy!

Within 2 weeks upon return: We will do a follow-up to ensure all went well. Congrats!