No gift is finer than the gift of a romantic holiday!

Honeymoon, weddings or holiday gift registries are available with Romantic Planet Vacations and are easy to set up and the contribution procedures are very simple.

We are pleased to advise that this is currently a free service to all customers who book with Romantic Planet Vacations.

We look forward to the continuation of making the planet more romantic, one couple at a time! 🙂

GIFT REGISTRY Terms and Conditions

* All payment submissions must be made prior to the final payment deadline date or a minimum of 60 days prior to departure (whichever comes first).
* All payments received will be processed in CAD$ and applied towards the bride and groom’s trip as listed below.
* The bride/groom must pre-book their trip by submitting the required initial deposits, then guest payments thereafter will be applied to their trip and invoice. If exact rates are not yet available, Romantic Planet Vacations will accumulate all payments until such rates are available and the package can be booked.
The trip must be booked with Romantic Planet Vacations.
* All payments are 100% non-refundable, non-transferable.
* Payments can only be applied towards the assigned trip of the heresaid bride and groom as detailed below. It cannot be applied to wedding packages or other trips.
* Travel must be completed within 16 months of received payment.

* Once the trip is paid in full, no further contributions will be accepted unless the bride and groom wishes that they are applied towards room upgrades, tours etc. (any travel related offerings available with their package) as we do not offer any cash reimbursements.

GIFT REGISTRY Set-up Procedure

  1. The first step is for the bride and groom to book their trip of interest with Romantic Planet Vacations and submit a minimum of $250 non-refundable deposit per person. Contact one of our Honeymoon and Destination Wedding Specialists for more information at
  2. Once the booking is confirmed, The bride and groom may set up the Gift Registry Site by sending us a paragraph about themselves and their wedding date/honeymoon etc. and a photo. Please click here to Submit all information to us Online.
  3. We will then create a gift registry web page dedicated to the bride and groom with a Secured Online Payment Form, as seen below, that they can distribute to their guests. This process may take a couple of weeks.
  4. Once a payment has been received from a gift contributor, we will apply this payment towards the bride and groom’s invoice, detailing who the payment is from.