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I’m a certified destination wedding & honeymoon specialist with Romantic Planet Vacations and have been booking travel pacakges for over 12 years with this amazing company. I truly love working with couples and making their Destination Wedding Dreams a reality!! I have had my own destination wedding in Las Vegas and have booked many couples and their guests to various resorts in Mexcio, Caribbean, South America, South Pacific and Europe.

The World Awaits You!!! So Let’s Get Started

Destination Weddings

Wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we at Romantic Planet Vacations specialize in making your destination wedding dream a reality. We work closely with airlines, tour operators, cruiselines, attractions, and accomodations from around the world to provide you with a carefree, happy, and memorable event. Whether you invision this day to be at a castle in Europe, on a tropical beach, or on the deck of a cruiseship, your happiness and your love for one another is our drive for success.

We have wedding packages to suit all budgets and destinations to suit all desires. Please contact one of our certified destination wedding specialists and we will begin the journey to provide you with the most memorable destination wedding.

Top Recommended Destinations

Although we offer any destination in the world, the all-inclusive hotspots are in top demand. We have personally traveled to and inspected most resorts in these areas so to continue our efforts of being the experts that you require. The most popular all-inclusive destinations are Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Mexico, with more unique being Barbados, Costa Rica, and St. Lucia.
Receive a Complimentary Personalized Wedding Web-Site!

Romantic Planet Vacations has been offering complimentary Wedding Web-Sites for all wedding groups (min 10 passengers) since 2009. Since then, enhanced features have been added to include 24-hour secure online booking and payments for you and your guests, automatic guestlist updates whenever a new guest books, and full maintenance of all information including rates, flight schedules, hotel information and more.

Receive a Complimentary Save-the-Date Wedding E-flyer!

Every destination wedding booked with Romantic Planet Vacations (min 10 passengers) receive a complimentary Save-the-Date E-flyer once the group is confirmed with the supplier, which details in PDF the resort, date, rates and how to book so to give you the advantage of letting your guests know the details as soon as possible.

Supplier Bonuses!

Many of our valued travel suppliers including tour operators and resorts offer wedding groups special bonuses from complimentary passengers, upgrades, and much more! Email today to find your perfect location for your destination wedding

Upcoming Events & Presentations

We have FREE Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Presentations held regularly throughout the year. This is very useful for anyone planning a destination wedding or honeymoon. Learn about important information: various destinations, resort options, how to book a wedding, FAQ’s, world’s most romantic honeymoons, and much more! Please click here to see where and when the next presentations will be held.

Refer us!

We truly appreciate your referral. If you know anyone else who is planning a honeymoon or destination wedding, we’d love to help them.

Honeymoons, Luxury & Romance

We only offer the world’s most romantic destinations as a setting for your honeymoon because, frankly, you deserve perfection. These places were designed for your love and will cater to your every need and desires for the most amazing honeymoon. Whether it’s a beach vacation, safari, ski trip or cruise, Romantic Planet Vacations will provide you with sheer paradise for your honeymoon getaway!  Email me at and let me show you the world

Honeymoon Gift Registry

Romantic Planet Vacations offers a unique online gift registry that not only offers the opportunity for your guests to contribute any dollar amount towards your honeymoon, we also offer special travel experiences for which your guests can provide you such a couples massage, romantic sunset cruise, or tour of the local sights. Please email me at  for more information.

Other Travel

If you need a family vacation, couples getaway or any group travel just for fun! Please email me at to book your next destination – the world awaits you

Current Travel Deals

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